How to Revoke Sharing Permissions of a SharePoint File

Sharing files in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business is quite easy. However, at times, users may struggle to find a way to revoke the file-sharing access for a user or a group of users. In this article, we provided information on how to remove sharing permissions for a user or multiple users.


  • A SharePoint account
  • At least one file shared with another one
  • Step 1: Log In to Your Office 365 Account

Enter your login credentials and access the Office 365 home dashboard.

  • Step 2: Select Sharepoint icon from office 365

Click on the SharePoint icon and that will redirect you to your SharePoint homepage.

  • Step 3:   Select a file from Documents Icon

By this select a document or file for which you want the sharing permissions to be removed, you should be aware of the file precisely. If you don’t, you need to search the document in your SharePoint until you find it out.

  • Step 4:  Click on Share Icon

Click on the small share icon visible next to the name of the file. That should open the file-sharing options dialog box.

  • Step 5: Click on the Ellipsis Icon

Click on the ellipsis seen right next to the Send Link. That will open more sharing options and allows you to manage the existing sharing.

  • Step 6: Locate Links that Are Currently Giving Access 

As seen in the image, there are links to the file currently being shared. Locate ellipsis again seen right next to the links.

  • Step 7: Click on the Ellipsis Icon Again

It will open a new set of options to control the sharing.

  • Step: 8  Click on X to Delete a Sharing Link 

This option removes the entire link thus removing access to anyone who has it.

  • Step 9:  Click on Delete Link

By clicking delete, the link no longer works for anyone. Proceed with caution.

  • Step 10: Alternatively, Click on Stop Sharing

This option deletes the sharing permissions on a file-level as opposed to the link. 

  • Step 11: Confirm It

Once you click on Stop Sharing, the file will no longer be shared with anyone.

  • Step 12: Confirm Revoke of Access

Click on the red circle as seen in the picture to find the current sharing activity of the file. If it is not shared with anyone, then it must show “This item is not shared.”

We hope you found this article helpful.