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Detailed Feature Comparision

Personal Business
Ideal For Personal Data Business Data
Cloud Storage Type Single-User Clouds Multi-User Clouds
Migration Type One Time One Time & Delta
User Migration
Shared Data Migration
Permissions Migration
Dedicated Migration Manager
On-Prem Deployable
Staged Migration
Support Type General Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I don’t represent a company, but I use multi-user (business) clouds. Which category do I belong?

Whether you are an individual or a company, as long as it is a multi-user migration/business cloud, it will fall under the business migration category.

2) I represent a company, but I only need single-user (consumer) cloud migration. What should I do?

Even though you represent a company, if the migration is between two single-user clouds, you can simply subscribe to a personal plan.

3) What should I do if your personal data migration plans are not meeting my migration needs?

You can reach out to us for a custom price quote based on the data size.

4) Does CloudFuze provide discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we do.

5) I have more questions.

Contact us via chat, email, or phone. We will answer your questions.