Transfer Files Between Dropbox and Google Drive Easily

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Here in this article, we have given you step by step instructions on how to transfer files or migrate entire content from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Before you read further, a gentle reminder from our side is that CloudFuze offers its cloud storage migration service for both consumers and enterprises. If you are an enterprise user and need to migrate users and permissions along with data, we recommend that you get in touch with us and let one of our customer service representatives address your queries better.

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration Steps

Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

Click here (opens in a new tab) to access the sign-up form. Fill your details and create a CloudFuze account.

Step 2: Login to Account .

Enter your login credentials to access the CloudFuze app.

Step 3: Click on the “Clouds” Icon on the Left

Upon clicking on the Clouds, you will be redirected to the clouds page where you can find 40+ consumer and enterprise clouds listed. Choose your preferred cloud there by clicking on the cloud’s icon. Now, enter the details requested such your clouds login details, auth codes, access keys, etc. (this varies cloud to cloud) to authorize CloudFuze access your data.

Step 4: Click on the “Migrate” Icon in the Left Navigation Menu

By clicking on the Migrate button, you will be redirected to the Migrate section of the CloudFuze app where you can transfer files from one cloud to another.As seen in the picture, the page displays a list of 40+ clouds that CloudFuze currently supports.You can also see how the page is sectioned into two categories with “Source Cloud” on the left and “Destination” cloud on the right.

Quick tip: If you find it difficult to proceed further anytime during migration, click on the chat button and get help from one of our customer support executives.

Step 5: Select Source and Destination Clouds

Since you want to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive, select Dropbox from “Source Cloud” and pick Google Drive from “Destination Cloud.”

Step 6: Select Files that You Want to Transfer

Select a file or multiple files in Dropbox (Source Cloud) that you want to transfer to your Google Drive (Destination Cloud) and click on the Migrate button that you can see on the top of the page.That’s it! Your Dropbox files will be transferred to your Google Drive. The duration of the transfer depends upon the size of the data you are planning to move.

We hope the tutorial helped you!

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration FAQs

1. Does CloudFuze support enterprise content migration?

Yes. CloudFuze supports enterprise migrations. In fact, CloudFuze is one of the few cloud file transfer providers on the market that specializes in business migrations. To sum up, CloudFuze fully supports both Dropbox (multi-user) and Google Drive (multi-user) migrations in addition to single-user data migrations.

2. How long does it take to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

The migration timelines depend upon the size of your data and the number of users you are trying to migrate. Besides these, the speed of migration varies on many factors such as vendor-induced file transfer speed throttling and folder structure.

3. How much will I be charged for migrating my content from Dropbox to Google Drive?

If you are an enterprise user, contact us for a quote. Please share details like data size and the number of users to get an accurate quote. If you an individual user (consumer), please check the pricing page and choose a plan that suits your data requirements.

4. I’m a business user, do I still need to use the app for the content migration?

For business or enterprise users who don’t want to use the app by themselves, CloudFuze offers ‘assisted migration’ with a dedicated account manager.

5. Are cloud-to-cloud file migration services like CloudFuze secure?

Yes, CloudFuze is highly secure. You can read more about CloudFuze’s security.

Dropbox to Google Drive Sync and Backup

Besides migration, CloudFuze also allows businesses or organizations to sync or backup their Dropbox to Google Drive. Reach out to us if you require more information on the CloudFuze’s multi-cloud backup and sync service.

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